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SuperCherry Bar
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SuperCherry Bar SuperCherry Bar
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SuperCherry Bar SuperCherry Bar Strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems, the energy source.

Form release: 38 grams.

This dietary supplement improves the energy balance of a human body, it normalizes metabolism, improves digestion, and helps normalize weight.

SuperCherry Bar is an exceptionally tasty source of vegetal protein, fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. The ingredients of this product will charge you with energy and put you in a great mood. This product supports an active lifestyle and takes care of your health.

SuperCherry Bar is a vegetarian diet product that contains no added sugar, no artificial colors, no flavor enhancers or preservatives.


Cashew butter and flax sprouts supply polyunsaturated fatty acids that promote fat metabolism and reduce blood cholesterol. They contribute to the normalization of weight and serve as a source of important vitamins and minerals.

Agave nectar, cherries, and dates are the sources of organic acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Inositol is a natural ingredient of cherries and a natural antidepressant. Apart from improving digestion and metabolism, these ingredients are also responsible for the exceptional flavor of SuperCherry Bar.

Rice is a complete source of vegetal protein, micro and macro-elements. It regulates metabolism, helps reduce cholesterol level in blood, and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Oatmeal energizes and improves digestive tract functioning.

All ingredients of this product have a positive effect on metabolism, immune system, nervous system and digestion.


This health food bar is beneficial for the entire family. It is indispensable if you are into sports and is highly recommended to promote mental clarity and focus. This supplement also helps to achieve weight loss goals.

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