Wellness programs Health Academy

acad-zdor  Most recovery programs in the Coral Club Health Academy developed health, acting on the basis of the Department of Preventive and Restorative Medicine of the Russian State Medical University, Moscow.

  Head of the Health Academy O.A. Butakova, chief doctor of the Moscow Institute for Rehabilitation Health, Academician of the International Academy.

Sports Nutrition


sport pitan Sports Nutrition - is specially designed drugs that are used as an addition to your normal daily diet. It is designed for healthy people who want to improve their body and continue to lead an active life into old age.

 The main objective of sports nutrition - to help people actively practicing as soon as possible to achieve high results.

Weight Loss


zdoroviy-obraz-zizni In the crazy pace of life we all less time to engage in his figure, and therefore correction of weight and weight loss are some of the most pressing issues of our time.

 In conjunction with a balanced diet and moderate exercise, supplements Forever help lead to normal weight quickly and safely. Providing the body with all the vital substances (vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, folic acid, selenium, chromium) Supplements Coral club will not only help make the shape slim and toned, but also strengthen the health, energy, and give you a great feeling.


Concept of Health Coral Club

Health-ConceptTaking care of your health should not be a one-time action when HP said to you "I'm tired." Health, which you destroy an unhealthy diet, lack of movement, and dehydration. Etc. vryat be able to get back to you within 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months of your one-time action. Health - is a way of life.

Coral Club - a society of people who lead educational activities aimed at teaching people the right way of living, nutrition, and water consumption based on the concept of health club. Our bodies are self-healing system, and never too late to help yourself regain health and start to lead the right way of life.