Coral Licorice Root

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Coral Licorice Root Coral Licorice Root Coral Licorice Root This product helps enhance immunity and improves a healthy general condition.

Form release: 100 Capsules

Key Benefits
It has a positive effect on digestive processes.

Helps to make productive cough.

"Coral Licorice Root" from the company Coral Club is a multi-purpose anti-inflammatory, expectorant; immune system corrector based on extracts of licorice root and ginger that help to recover from diseases and to maintain good health.

The active ingredients of the licorice root reduce inflammation and block the spread of viruses. They promote the formation of interferon which is the main protective protein in the human body.

Licorice root is a good expectorant. Hormone-like properties of the active substances of that plant prevent the destruction of cortisol that produced by adrenal gland, which is the main hormone that “increases resistance to stress."

Deglycyrrhized licorice root also used in this product is especially beneficial for treating conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. It reduces inflammation and promotes the healing of digestive the tract’s mucous membranes. It promotes secretion of bile and builds up efficiency of the liver in detoxification. It may have a slight laxative effect.

Ginger has beneficial effects on the entire digestive system. It is recommended to alleviate such sensations as stomach heaviness and nausea. It reduces inflammation of joints and blood vessels. Ginger is excellent for boosting immunity.

Take one capsule two times a day with a meal.

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Coral Licorice Root