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Water Pack Water Pack Water Pack Water Pack Water Pack A set of mineral complex and Coral-Mine on 30 sachets and an innovative bottle of environmentally friendly plastic Kor Delta (750 ml)

 A living organism is animate water. This definition gave the water to Leonardo da Vinci.
 If you ask a question: "How do you think a person needs for life?" To several people, you can get completely different answers. And they will all be right, because for a full life, every person needs a lot. But there are several things, without which the full existence of the human body is impossible!
 These are: air, water, food.
 These products, which we receive from the external environment, give us energy and vivacity, which means a full-fledged, active, long life.
 Our health, longevity, working capacity directly depend on the quality of water, nutrition and what we breathe.


 And today we will talk with you about the water.
 The basis of our life is water. 2/3 of the Earth's surface is covered with water! Water is the second most important substance on Earth after oxygen. Without water, a person can live only three days.
   Our body is two-thirds water:

  • brain - up to 90% water
  • blood - up to 85%
  • lungs - up to 83%
  • kidneys - up to 79%
  • heart - up to 73%
  • muscles - up to 72%

 Remember the Russian folklore: living and dead water; "... do not drink from a puddle - you'll become a kid ..." Ancient settlements were built along rivers, wells with spring water were the guarantee of harvest and well-being. Water ... Our ancestors attached great importance to its quality and attributed its healing properties.
 And today we fully confirm this!


 MEANS OF PAIN. Migraine, headache, back pain, joints and muscles and other local pains can be a warning about dehydration in this particular area of ​​the body. Human blood is 85% water, when dehydration occurs, it thickens and the load on the entire body increases.

 ENERGY. Water is an important source of energy in the body, it helps to deliver oxygen to every cell, thereby improving metabolism. If the body and cells do not have enough oxygen, we become sluggish, and our efficiency immediately decreases.

 WEIGHT CONTROL. Water accelerates the metabolism and reduces the feeling of hunger. Water does not contain calories and increases the effectiveness of any diet. And it is true. Consumption of water helps to burn fat more actively. The experiments proved that just a glass of water increases the metabolic rate by 30%, and one liter of water allows you to get rid of 100 extra calories. And 100 calories a day, it's 3,000 calories per month and 36,000 calories per year, which is equivalent to 5 kilograms of subcutaneous fat without a single step on the treadmill!

 GOOD DIGESTION. Water has an effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract. It accelerates the metabolism, ensures the optimal secretion of gastric juice and enzymatic activity. When this is not present, there is a digestive disturbance, which can cause gravity in the stomach and bloating. Also, water helps the intestines, removing all unnecessary from it, preventing constipation.

 HEALTHY JOINS AND MUSCLES. Water takes part in the synthesis of protein in the muscles, thanks to which our muscles and ligaments remain elastic. In the cartilage tissue of the joints, there is also a lot of water, which provides rigidity and elasticity of the joints, on the one hand, and also acts as a shock absorber, allowing the joint to withstand heavy loads. With water scarcity, the production of intra-articular fluid decreases, which leads to stiffness and decreased mobility of the joints.

 REGULATES BODY TEMPERATURE. Water has a high heat capacity and thermal conductivity, cools the body 14 times stronger than air. In the human body for 1 hour, as much heat is generated as needed to boil 1 liter of ice water. And if the body was impenetrable for heat by a case, then within an hour the body temperature would have risen by about 1.5 ° C, and in about 40 hours it would have reached the boiling point of water! That is why water is necessary for the body to maintain a constant body temperature in a changing environment.
Water is important for cooling the body in conditions of thermal overheating.
 HEALTHY SKIN. Dehydration reduces the amount of water in the cell, which subsequently leads to loss of collagen. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity. Moisturizing the skin through the use of creams, oils and lotions can help, but it is better not to allow collagen loss in general. To do this, moisten the skin from the inside. Water "will give to drink" and moisturize the skin, cleanse it of toxins, increase elasticity and elasticity! A sufficient amount of water contributes to the elimination of toxins, prevents aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

CLEANING FROM TOXINS. Water is necessary for normal functioning of the liver and kidneys - the main natural "filters" of the body. Water helps to remove waste products and toxic substances from the body.

4      The daily amount of water consumption is determined by the formula:

  • your weight in kg * 30 ml. And you get an individual daily water requirement for your body.
  • 1-2 STANDS FROM THE MORNING will give energy, restore the water balance after sleep.
  • 1 glass before eating will create a feeling of satiety, and you will not eat too much.
  • 2 glasses before breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a small reduction in the usual portion - and you can get rid of excess weight.
  • At least 1 liter of water during the day - an additional burning of 100 extra calories. And this is equivalent to 5 kilograms of subcutaneous fat per year!
  • Want to increase the rate of metabolism and burning calories - drink cold water!

   To meet the necessary body requirements for water, the following requirements are met:
  1. Physiological usefulness of water
Physiologically complete water is drinking water, which contains an optimal amount of macro- and microelements and has a favorable physiological effect on the human body. Only such water provides the necessary water-salt balance and acid-base balance.
Purified drinking water (tap water, bottled water) is not always physiologically complete.

  2. Mineral balance
Minerals are keys. Working inside and outside the cells, they open doors leading to health and longevity.
A certain amount of macro- and microelements is necessary for the normal state of the whole organism. The water used by people must contain a certain amount of minerals, the level of which does not exceed the permissible values. At the same time, water with a complete lack of macro and microelements (distilled) can harm our health.
 3. Taste characteristics of water
The taste and smell of water depends on the chemical composition that determines the substances contained in the water of natural sources or added during processing.
The quality of water is also affected by chlorination and other methods of water disinfection.

4.2   When dehydrating the body to:

  • 1% - thirst appears;
  • 2% - a feeling of anxiety, a decrease in appetite and working capacity;
  • 4% - a feeling of nausea, dizziness and fatigue;
  • 6% - coordination and coherence of speech are lost;
  • 10% - thermoregulation is broken, and cells start to die;
  • 11% - the body undergoes serious changes, and professional medical care is needed;
  • at 20% death may occur.

In most cases, it is dehydration that is the main cause of human aging.

 Throughout life, we gradually reduce the consumption of clean water, replacing it with juices, tea, coffee and soda.
 For example: in a jar of soda water contains 35 grams of sugar and as much as 140 calories.
 And in a glass of pure water, sugar and calories are absent.

 Each cell of our body needs water. We do not wash my head with juice or dishes with borshch?

 Coral Club has prepared a ready-made solution to provide every water of the required quality, in sufficient quantity and with the possibility of its use anywhere!
 WATER PACK is your most obvious choice in order to start a healthy, energetic life.

   30 sachets Coral-Mine / Coral-Mine - this 45 liters of water, which has all the necessary properties!

 1. Mineral composition Coral-Mine is able to change the physicochemical properties of water:
Coral-Mine is a good natural sorbent.
Coral-Mine changes the acid-base balance toward alkalinity. Therefore, the pH of coral water is slightly alkaline. Such water helps to restore and improve the general condition of the body.
Ionized form of minerals Coral-Main makes water useful and unique in its accessibility to the body.

 2. Coral-Mine normalizes the mineral balance in the body and improves the functioning of vital systems. Magnesium and calcium effectively restore the work of the musculoskeletal system and promote the renewal of bone and connective tissues. Together with sodium, maintain the health of the cardiovascular system. Magnesium not only participates in the transmission of nerve impulses, but also normalizes the work of the nervous system - it helps to relieve the state of depression. Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect and prevents premature aging of the body. It should be noted that this combination of product components is synergistic. That is, the useful effects of each component with this combination are enhanced.
A rich, time-tested complex of natural salts of coral has a regulating effect on the mineral balance in the body, normalizing the activity of vital systems and organs.

 3. Useful minerals Coral-Mine, being dissolved in water, is much faster, fuller and easier to digest. This property allows the cells of the body to absorb water without additional costs to replenish the extracellular and intracellular reserve. Coral-Mine makes the water softer, tastier, more useful, it's easy and pleasant to drink water with Coral-Mine.

 An innovative bottle that preserves the beneficial properties of water, created from environmentally friendly plastic without bisphenol A and phthalates.


 KOR Delta is the perfect form art, a combination of functionality, design and ease of use. This bottle with character and innovative features. The basic principle of "always with you" - a unique design contains many innovations: simply open, by pressing the lid button with an ergonomic handle, a comfortable neck, a latch that prevents accidental opening,

 And more:

  • COMFORTABLE COVER. The lid is easily opened by pressing the button and leans back to the wrist without interfering with drinking
  • MOTIVATORS inside. Motivating inscriptions inspire you with every sip.
  • ERGONOMIC design. Thanks to its smooth shape, the bottle is comfortable in the hand, and the integrated handle allows you to easily carry the bottle.
  • Hygienic nail. The design of the lid completely covers the neck, which ensures hygienic use in any situation.
  • RUBBER BASIS substrate protects furniture and prevents slipping.
  • EASILY WASHING AND FILLING. A stylish cap can be turned away, which makes it easier to wash and fill the bottle.
  • Convenient volume and size!

     And you always have a clean, slightly mineralized, tasty and healthy water for every cell of the body!

  • At work
  • At home
  • On the road
  • While playing sports
  • In the journey

    Anytime and anywhere!

 And a new product Coral Club can:

  • give
  • use to attract attention
  • invite him to the company
  • use and be healthy!

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