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Coral detox Coral detox Coral detox "Coral Detox" - Set for effective detoxification.

 "Coral Detox" - a holistic approach that provides a natural elimination of toxins from the body, the health of the cells, the activity of the youth and for years to come!

 The constituent elements of the set are: "Assimilator" (90 capsules), "N-500" (60 capsules), "Coral-Mine" (30 sachets), "Coral Lecithin" (120 capsules).

  Inside the "Coral detox" products known to you the Coral Club:

  • "N-500" (60 capsules) - the most powerful of its kind silicon antioxidant, which is to neutralize the toxins found in the body;
  • "Assimilator" (90 capsules) promotes the effective breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  • "Coral-Mine" (30 sachets) - a product based on natural coral for the purpose of improving water quality;
  • "Lecithin Coral" (120 capsules) prevents and protects cell membranes from damage by toxins.

 The set is presented in a light and compact bag, which is closed on a convenient Velcro.

 This methodology is based on professional knowledge and experience of using the company's products.
 Tune in to cleaning with "Coral Detox"! Live without toxins now and every day!

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Coral detox