Synergizer orange & mango

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Synergizer orange & mango
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Synergizer orange & mango Synergizer orange & mango Synergizer orange & mango
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Synergizer orange & mango Synergizer orange & mango Synergizer orange & mango A balanced combination of essential ingredients for increased tonus and efficient energy production.

  Synergizer orange & mango - balanced energy drink with a bright fruit and citrus flavor.

Designed to improve performance, get a charge of vivacity and energy.
Suitable for those who need additional motivation for sports training and active activities. It is a healthy alternative to coffee and standard energy drinks.

Action on the body:

  • bicycle gives strength and motivation - for sports, work, study;
  • idea improves brain function: memory, intelligence, reaction, ability to concentrate;
  • batareia energizes without side effects: nervous overexcitement, stress, subsequent loss of strength.

Release form: 1 packing = 500 g of powder, 1 portion packing = 25 g of powder.
Ingredients: erythritol (sweetener), sucrose, corn starch, maltodextrin, glucose (dextrose), natural mango flavor, natural orange flavor, citric acid (acidity regulator), taurine 600 mg, orange fruit powder, magnesium (citrate) 50.4 mg , L-citrulline (malate) 315 mg, L-carnitine (tartrate) 300 mg, mango fruit powder, D-glucuronolactone 300 mg, malic acid (acidity regulator), L-glycine 200 mg, silicon dioxide (caking agent), sodium (citrate), sunflower oil, steviol glycosides (sweetener), extras act of green tea 50 mg, guarana extract 50 mg, vitamin PP 16 mg, beta-carotene, pantothenic acid 5 mg, vitamin B6 1.4 mg, vitamin B2 1.4 mg, vitamin B1 1.1 mg, chromium (picolinate) 50 mcg
Application: adults to 25 g of powder (1 scoop) per day with meals in the morning.
Preparation: simply pour water (250 ml) with 1 scoop of powder or 1 bag (25 g) and stir.
Storage conditions: store in a dry place inaccessible to children at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.
Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.
Terms of use: no prescription.
Manufacturer: GmpH Müchllgasse 3, 04680 Colditz Germany - specifically for the company Coral Club International.

     The action of the main components.
guarana    Green tea extract and guarana

Part of caffeine, is gradually absorbed in the body and gently acts on the body, does not cause over-stimulation and does not irritate the mucous, while maintaining a lasting effect.

Glucose  Glucose, maltodextrin, sucrose
These are carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, which are the main supplier of energy. That in turn ensures a steady flow of energy and a quick recovery of consumed glycogen without sharp jumps in blood sugar levels.
 L-karnitin L-carnitine
 Energy stimulator - which prevents nervous exhaustion, increases physical and mental activity. Accelerating the process of splitting carbohydrates to lactic acid, contributes to its rapid removal from muscle tissue.


  The natural metabolite of glucose, is involved in the formation of glycogen, thereby helping to prevent the depletion of glycogen stores in the cells, which is especially important for those who need energy quickly and in sufficient quantity.

powder  Amino acid complex
 With a deficiency of taurine, all types of metabolism in every cell of the body suffer. In energy drinks, the presence of taurine is important for the rapid recovery and strengthening of the muscular skeleton. It also improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the heart muscle, supports the nervous system in stressful situations, improves psychological state, reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Glycine affects the activity of all reactions in the process of energy synthesis from carbohydrates in the body, therefore, with excessive exercise or stress, its internal reserves are quickly consumed and need to be replenished. Citrulline accelerates muscle recovery after exercise, reduces muscle fatigue, improves energy metabolism in the heart muscle. It activates the synthesis of arginine, which helps saturate the muscles with nutrients and oxygen, which has a positive effect on overall physical activity.
b    Vitamins of group B (B1, B2, PP, B6, pantothenic acid)

Important components for the organization of energy exchange.

    Magnesium, sodium and chromium
Actively involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, water-salt and energy metabolism.


   Orange and Mango Fruit Supplements
Bright taste of the drink is provided by natural flavors from orange and mango. Without artificial flavors!

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