Privilege Repairing Eye Cream

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Privilege Repairing Eye Cream
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The cream eliminates dark circles, sagging and puffiness around the eyes.
 Privilege Repairing Eye Cream from the company Coral Club is designed to combat age-related changes in the delicate skin around the eyes. Privilege cream helps eliminate puffiness, dark circles and sagging on the skin around the eyes, as well as smoothes wrinkles and gives a radiant and bright look.
   The action of the PPrivilege Repairing Eye Cream:
  • reduces wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones;
  • reduces swelling and irritation;
  • removes dark circles and flabbiness;
  • moisturizes and restores the skin;
  • gives freshness;
  • prevents aging.
Ingredients: aloe vera organic leaf juice, sweet almond oil, glycerin, jojoba oil, soluble collagen, stearic acid, demiticon, Arabica coffee oil, sorbitan stearate, water, phenoxyethanol, vitamin C (3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid), carbomer , cetyl alcohol, triethanolamine, caramel, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, capryl glycol, ethylhexyl glycerol, allantoin, hexylene glycol, squalane, vitamin E, vitamin A, leukonew , ste aryl alcohol, Robusta coffee extract, tocopherol, Roman chamomile flower extract, kelp extract, potassium sorbate, argireline (acetyl-hexapeptide-8), trisodium EDTA.
Application: apply the cream in the morning 20-30 minutes before applying makeup or at least 20 minutes before going outside, and 1-1.5 hours before bedtime.
Country of origin: USA specifically for the company Coral Club.
The action of active components.
Kona coffee extract and oil - filling the skin with energy, reducing puffiness and irritation, restoring the skin.
Sweet almond oil - slows down the process of natural aging of cells, reduces skin irritation, nourishes the skin, improving its water balance.
Jojoba oil is a wax of plant origin, contains a significant amount of amino acids similar in structure to collagen, quickly penetrates the skin, does not clog pores.
Argireline is a muscle relaxant peptide that prevents and reduces the appearance of new wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.
Hyaluronic acid and marine collagen - moisturize, activate metabolic processes in the skin.
Vitamins A, C and E - protect against early aging and wrinkles, give the skin elasticity and firmness.
Acai fruits - berries containing a large amount of antioxidants, they are also called "berries of beauty and youth", they moisturize, nourish and soften the skin well.
Kelp extract - activates "intracellular respiration", moisturizes the skin, saturates the cells with oxygen.

primenenie Privilege Repairing Eye Cream

primenenie Privilege Repairing Eye Cream

 Privilege Repairing Eye Cream eliminates dark circles, puffiness and sagging skin around the eyes. As a result, wrinkles are noticeably smoothed out, the skin is given a bright and radiant look.
Designed for care in zone B. Not suitable for use in delicate zone C.
 In the morning, the cream should be applied no earlier than 20 minutes before going outside.
 How to apply the cream?
 1. Using fingertips, patting a small amount of cream, the size of a grain, apply along the lower and upper orbits from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the lower eyelid, without affecting the mobile zone of the upper eyelid and the area under the eyelash of the lower eyelid. The cream is applied with the little finger or ring finger, since the pads of these fingers are more delicate than those of the other fingers.
 2. After 2-3 minutes after most of the cream has been absorbed into the skin, slide your fingers from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, straightening out possible wrinkles, while the skin should not stretch, movements should be smooth and slow. Avoid contact with eyes.

primenenie Privilege Repairing Eye Cream 2

primenenie Privilege Repairing Eye Cream 2

 For severe signs of fatigue, it is recommended to use Privilege Cream for the skin around the eyes Repairing Eye Cream in the morning and evening after applying Intensive Eye Serum.
 The evening application of a revitalizing cream around the eyes will enrich the delicate skin around the eyes with important components, rejuvenating and restoring it during sleep. To avoid swelling under the eyes, it is recommended to use a cream 1-1.5 hours before bedtime. The cause of puffiness is hyaluronic acid, which is a super-moisturizing component that attracts many molecules from the lower layers of the skin. And while the facial muscles work, the accumulated fluid must have time to evenly distribute. The method of applying the cream is the same as in the morning (item 1 and item 2).
 Privilege Cream for the skin around the eyes restores due to its viscous and dense structure, penetrates well into the lower layers of the skin around the eyes.
 Privilege Repairing Eye Cream from the company Coral Club will give your skin a gentle and high-quality care.


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