Neitronik 5GRS

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Neitronik 5GRS
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Protection from the emissions of the phone, smartphone, router, and microwave.

 Neitronik 5GRS from the company Coral Club is an innovative means of individual protection against electromagnetic radiation from smartphones, mobile phones, routers, microwave ovens (microwave ovens). It is designed taking into account the latest achievements in the field of technology.
 Modern manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, routers and other transmitters or distributors of the Internet through the Wi-Fi network are rapidly increasing the volume of manufactured products, installing them more and more antennas. In turn, this greatly affects the level of electromagnetic pollution, which negatively affects human health.


 Neitronik 5GRS is an advanced development that is distinguished by increased protection from ambient radiation, allowing you to save your health. Being unique in its kind, the neutron is the best available technology for protection against electromagnetic radiation. Model 5GRS is recommended for those who use modern versions of smartphones, routers and tablets daily. Suitable for microwave ovens.
 Neitronik 5GRS is a special antenna measuring 0.6x30x30 mm. Due to the small thickness will not cause inconvenience and discomfort when used. And the crystal lattice of the antenna absorbs and transforms electromagnetic energy. The antenna is activated by the radiator and creates its own field, which, interacting with the field of the radiator, converts the radiation spectrum into a form that is safe for humans. The device reduces to a safe level the electromagnetic load on the human body. In the first hours after installation, it reduces the electromagnetic field by about 2 times (by distance from the monitor) or 4 times (by area).
 This device will always be necessary and in demand both at home and at work.

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