Onestack Mental Force

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Onestack Mental Force
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Comprehensive program to maintain cognitive functions of the brain.

 Onestack Mental Force from Coral Club - it's comprehensive program to maintain cognitive functions of the brain.

  Action program ONESTACK: Mental Force on the body:

check-mark improves short-term and long-term memory;
check-mark increases concentration;
check-mark harmonizes psycho-emotional background;
check-mark normalizes sleep-wake cycles;
check-mark improves mental performance;
check-mark provides brain energy resources.

 Program ONESTACK: Mental Force consists of 8 products and is designed for 3 consecutive stages of 10 days each. Detailed instructions for use are inside the package.

1-step  1-st stage.
Morning: MindSet, Omega 3/60, Coral Taurine.
Evening: Coral Lecithin, Coral Magnesium.
During the day: Coral-Mine.

2-step  2-st stage.
Morning: MindSet, Omega 3/60, Coral Taurine, Спирулина в таблетках.
Evening: Coral Lecithin, Coral Magnesium, Spirulina Tablets.
During the day: Coral-Mine.

3-step  3-st stage.
Morning: MindSet, Omega 3/60, Coral Taurine, Coral Carnitine.
Evening: Coral Lecithin, Spirulina Tablets.
During the day: Coral-Mine.

Form release: capsules, tablets, sachet bags.
Supplements to food. It is not a drug.
Contraindications: individual intolerance to individual components, pregnant or lactating women.
Ingredients: MindSet (30 capsules, 3 blisters), Coral Taurine (30 capsules, 3 blisters), Omega 3/60 (30 capsules, 3 blisters), Spirulina (30 tablets, 3 blisters), Coral Carnitine (10 capsules, 1 blister), Coral Magnesium (20 capsules, 2 blisters), Coral Lecithin (30 capsules, 3 blisters), Coral-Mine.
Reception duration: 30 days.

   Action of active ingredients.
 During the passage of the program, remember a full dream. Take it as a rule to sleep at least 7-9 hours a day. Deep sleep in a dark, cool room with no extra noise is an ideal condition for restoring the brain and central nervous system..
  ONESTACK Mental Force – complete solution for those who want:
  • have a good memory;
  • get rid of nervous tension;
  • stay in a positive mood;
  • be able to concentrate on the important;
  • quickly memorize new information;
  • increase the reaction rate;
  • recover completely from sleep;
  • easy to fall asleep and wake up.
    Improving cognitive functions.



Ginkgo biloba - remember: “Ginkgo biloba = brain”. Ginkgo herbal extract is known for its healing effects on brain cells.
Lipoic acid - provides antioxidant protection of brain cells, improves short-term and long-term memory, concentration, increases efficiency.
Lecithin is the main component of the membranes of brain cells and nerve fibers, which means that it has a key effect on the brain and nervous system. Lecithin activates intellectual activity, creative activity, improves memory.
Tyrosine and theanine - provide protection for brain neurons, positively affect the speed of thought processes and coordination of movements.
Spirulina is a storehouse of biologically active substances (easily digestible protein, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals), which improve the supply of cells with oxygen, improve memory and activate mental abilities.
L-carnitine is a vitamin-like amino acid-energetic, with a lack of which memory and attention problems are inevitable. Especially with age, when the synthesis of carnitine in the body decreases.
Magnesium and vitamins of group B - in synergy enhance the action of each other, providing a powerful positive effect on mental processes, the formation of all types of memory, concentration and mood.
Gotu Kola - improves nutrition and oxygenation of the brain, resulting in improved memory and attention. 

   Protection from stress and normalization of sleep



Magnesium - has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relaxes muscle fibers, reduces stress levels, regulates sleep-wake cycles.
St. John's wort extract contains the active substance hypericin, which safely and effectively reduces the feeling of fear and tension, improves mood, provides a strong and healthy sleep.
Vitamins of group B - activate the parasympathetic nervous system, prevent the occurrence of anxiety and irritability.
Theanine - reduces the physiological manifestations of stress, improves the conductivity of impulses between brain cells, increases concentration.
Tyrosine - is known as anti-stress amino acid. Reduces the symptoms of anxiety and mental fatigue, increases
attentiveness and beneficial effects on cognitive function.
Taurine - has a multifaceted health effect on the central nervous system, provides a positive emotional balance.
Omega-3 - by acting on serotonin receptors, omega-3 fatty acids help to cope with depression.
Ginger - soothes, without reducing the concentration of attention, improves cerebral circulation.

   Increase energy resources.



L-carnitine - provides fast transport of nutrients and energy components in brain cells.
Taurine - normalizes the energy cycles of the body, is actively involved in the synthesis of ATP (energy "currency" of our body), increases the fatigue threshold.
Vitamins of group B - are responsible for the overall level of energy in the body, provide the optimal speed of reactions and thought processes.
Tyrosine - accelerates the breakdown of glycogen to glucose, quickly providing the body with energy. Contributes to the elimination of depression, a positive effect on tone and mood.
Lipoic acid - improves energy, carbohydrate and lipid exchanges, promotes healing of the brain, protects cells from oxidative damage. 

   Antioxidant Protection.



Ginkgo biloba - slows down the aging process of the brain, restoring the structure of blood vessels. A positive effect on the formation of memory and speed of thought processes.
Lecithin - has strong surface-active properties, prevents the formation of free radicals.
Taurine - is involved in the construction of tissues, accelerates the process of removing toxins.
Spirulina - increases the body's resistance to the effects of adverse environmental factors, binds and removes toxins from the body.
Lipoic acid - has a protective effect in the oxidation of lipids, reduces the toxic effect on the tissues of free radicals.
Theanine is an amino acid that has an antioxidant effect, improving the condition of the cerebral vessels.
Ginger - helps the body cope with free radicals, prevents cell aging. 

   Prevention of age-related memory and attention disorders.



Ginkgo biloba is a neuroprotector that protects the brain from aging and promotes the formation of new neural connections.
L-carnitine - activates metabolic processes in mitochondria and contributes to the normal functioning of cells.
Spirulina - antioxidants in the composition of spirulina contribute to the youth of cells and slow down the aging process.
Theanine - improves the intellectual capabilities of the brain and helps to preserve its activity.
Taurine - prevents the destruction of neurons in the brain and improves the transmission of nerve impulses.
Omega-3 - Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are the most important structural elements of cell membranes that provide cell renewal and the necessary reaction rate.

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