Liposomal Vitamin C

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Liposomal Vitamin C
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Liposomal Vitamin C Liposomal Vitamin C Liposomal Vitamin C
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Liposomal Vitamin C Liposomal Vitamin C Liposomal Vitamin C Source of Vitamin C
 Liposomal Vitamin C is a product developed specifically for Coral Club.
 Vitamin C is the most important antioxidant for the body. Today it can be obtained from food, dietary supplements. Since vitamin C does not accumulate in the body, it is necessary to regularly replenish its supply.
The action of Liposomal Vitamin C on the body:
  • participates in the synthesis of collagen necessary for the health of the skin, blood vessels, bone system, gums and teeth;
  • supports immunity;
  • complements the action of another antioxidant - vitamin E;
  • separately and in combination with vitamin E protects the skin from harmful UV radiation;
  • supports capillary health in combination with vitamin P;
  • promotes the restoration of tissues and mucous membranes;
  • necessary for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and its own hyaluronic acid, steroid hormones;
  • participates in the formation of active forms of folic acid, vitamin D and many enzymes;
  • protein and carbohydrate metabolism depends on it;
  • the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, the synthesis and metabolism of cholesterol improves;
  • excretion of toxic substances from the body is accelerated: lead, copper, mercury, vanadium;
  • vitamin C strengthens blood vessels;
  • increases the body's endurance to stress;
  • protects the body from the action of free radicals.
Release form: bottle of 100 ml.
Ingredients: vitamin C (ascorbic acid), water, sunflower lecithin, glycerin, potassium sorbate, vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol).
Dosage: 2.5 ml (500 mg of vitamin C, which is 833% of the daily requirement).
How to use: shake the bottle before taking. Adults take 2.5 ml 1-2 times a day or as recommended by a specialist. It can be taken in pure form or dissolved in 1 glass of water or juice. Before use, specialist advice is recommended.
Contraindications: pregnancy and breastfeeding, unless otherwise recommended by a specialist.
Storage method: Store unopened vial in a dry place at room temperature. Store in the refrigerator after opening. Keep out of the reach of children.
Shelf life: 24 months.
Country of production: Netherlands, especially for the company Coral Club.

 Since vitamin C does not accumulate in the body, it is necessary to regularly replenish its supply.
 A person is able to get it only from food. The main sources are: sweet red pepper, blackcurrant, citrus fruits, wild rose, but if stored improperly or thermally processed, its content decreases by tens of times.
 Vitamin C helps the absorption of proteins, iron, vitamin E and other important minerals and vitamins. It is involved in the immune, hormonal, nervous and cardiovascular systems.
 Liposomal Vitamin C - provides the body with vital ascorbic acid in the most bioavailable form, without causing side effects.

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