Coral Black Walnut (90 capsules)

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Coral Black Walnut (90 capsules)
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Coral Black Walnut (90 capsules) Coral Black Walnut (90 capsules)
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Coral Black Walnut (90 capsules) Coral Black Walnut (90 capsules) Promotes general detoxification of the body and improving digestion.

 Coral Black Walnut - Is designed for effective and safe control of parasites, detoxification of the body and normalization of digestion in the human body.

     Action on the body:

  • Removes parasites from the body;
  • Acts as a preventive antiparasitic agent;
  • It counteracts Candida fungi (which contribute to the manifestation of thrush), microbes and pathogenic bacteria.
  • Normalizes digestion and stabilizes the intestine.

  Корал черный орех прекрасно подойдет для детей и подростков как лечебное и профилактическое средство.

Product: 90 capsules.
Ingredients: black walnut leaf extract (Juglans nigra) - 300 mg, extract of oregano (Origanum Vilgare) - 50 mg.
Application: 2 capsules 2 times a day (according to the appointment of a specialist, the number of capsules per day can be increased).
Duration of admission: 1 month. Depending on the condition, the period of application can be increased.
Contraindications: pregnant, breastfeeding, individual intolerance of individual components, children under two years, peptic ulcer pathology, gastritis, alcohol dependence.
Manufacturer: United States - specially for the company Coral Club International.

   Description of components Coral Black Walnut (90 capsuls).

oregano Extract of black walnut leaves - used as a treatment for worms. He can suppress the activity of helminths and other parasites, violating the integrity of their cell membranes at the organic level, and withdraw them from the intestinal tract in a physiological way.

This component has antibacterial, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and regenerating properties.

LCHO  Oregano, or oregano, contains a whole complex of vitamins and minerals that charity affect the body.

The beneficial properties of oregano include wound-healing action, restoration of the nervous system, reduction of pain sensitivity, anti-catarrhal action, rejuvenating action, a remedy for flatulence.

 It must be remembered that Coral Black Walnut is effective in combating adult parasites and their larvae. To destroy eggs helminths - it is better to use stronger products - for example, ParaFight.

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