Alive F for floors and tiles (500 ml)

Points: 6
Alive F for floors and tiles (500 ml)
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Cleaner for floors and tiles



logoAlive F perfectly cleans all types of floor surfaces and wall tiles, leaving no divorce can be used for manual and automatic cleaning.

Composition: 500 ml.

point 1Gentle care for sex
point 2Permanent antistatic effect
point 3Surfactants of vegetable grain, oilseed rape, coconut, sugar beet
point 4Refreshing citrus flavor
point 5Lack of petroleum products and synthetic chemical additives
point 6100% biodegradation
point 7100% natural ingredients

Composition: nonionic surfactants <5% anionic surfactants <5% Natural Flavor (citral) <1%, a preservative (sorbic acid) <0.1%.

Scope. For cleaning all floor surfaces and tiles. Suitable for manual and automatic cleaning.
Kinds of pollution. Dust, dirt, grease, oil, various spots.
Type of surface. Any kinds of floors and tiles.
Dosing. Dilute the rate of 5-10 ml per 1 l of water depending on the degree of contamination. Put on the contaminated surface (if necessary, you can use a brush). Means there is no need to wash off. You can use warm water (50 ° C maximum.).

Do not use on surfaces in contact with food and drinking water.

Concentration. One vial of concentrate for 50-100l of water.

Manufacturer: Coral Club International

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