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Ca-Mg Complex Ca-Mg Complex Ca-Mg Complex
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Ca-Mg Complex Ca-Mg Complex Ca-Mg complex / Ca-Mg Complex - complex improves heart, bone and muscle and joint rights.

 Ca-Mg complex / Ca-Mg Complex from the company Coral Club (Coral Club International) maximizes learn and fill the body needs calcium and magnesium. This product has a versatile action.

Product: 90 tablets.

  Effect on body Ca-Mg complex (Ca-Mg Complex):

  • It promotes calcium and magnesium metabolism in the body
  • It helps to cope with stress
  • directed at the synthesis of collagen in the body
  • stabilizes the heart rhythm
  • strengthens bone and muscle tissue and joints
  • It improves the condition of blood vessels, heart
  • positively affect the function of the digestive tract

Composition: magnesium, calcium, boron, silicon, vitamin D3 and K.
Recommendations: used as a source of magnesium, boron, potassium, silicon, vitamin K and D3 - in the form of biologically active additives (BAA).
Applications: food during two tablets twice daily. Course duration is one month.
Contraindications:pregnancy, breastfeeding, hypersensitivity. Before taking the product recommend a consultation with a specialist or a doctor.
Manufacturer: Coral Club International

    Description and operation.

 Coral Club has released another masterpiece - Ca-Mg complex / Ca-Mg Complex, which was set up to normalize the body's mechanism for assimilation of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) and their interactions.

   Who needs the complex Ca-Mg / Ca-Mg Complex:

  • People-core and hypertension
  • Those who suffer from osteoporosis
  • Female sex (who are over forty)
  • People of old age
  • People suffering from depression
  • Those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system
  • Athletes under heavy braking.

    Unique product Complex Ca-Mg consists in the fact that:

  • therein balanced ratio of Ca and Mg
  • contains only organic minerals (digested by 75-90% better than non-organic)
  • is a JavaScript component that is well absorbed constituent elements of the complex.

 Silicon- is a structural component of connective tissue proteins (collagen and elastin). It forms the structure of bones, cartilage. It is present in bone mineralization. Do not allow "bad" cholesterol to form inside blood vessels.

 Bor- undoubtedly important. The element, together with silicon, vitamins K, D, facilitates the exchange of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in the human body.

 Vitamin K2-Vitamin fat-soluble. Is a party to the synthesis of complex proteins of blood - prothrombin. It is necessary for blood clotting, maintenance of the vessel walls. It enhances energy metabolism in the body due to the formation of ATP and converting sugar into glycogen. The importance of this vitamin is very high, since it is necessary to "correct" the absorption of calcium in the bone.

 Vitamin D3- known as cholecalciferol, the most active group of vitamin D.
It maintains the level of calcium in the blood and increases transportation and absorption in bone, makes stronger bones, teeth and bones. It is also important for synthesizing a carrier protein which "spreads" the calcium in the organism. A distinguishing feature of D3 - is the ability distribution of calcium in the body in the right places. For example: transfer the desired part of the calcium from the bones into the blood. Another important property of vitamin D3 there is a protection against damage of the nerve cell membranes. On the whole symbiosis of calcium and D3 improves the function of the thyroid gland.

 Its product Ca-Mg complex Coral Club is in all of its offices around the world, where it has been certified according to the law. Buy Ca-Mg complex can be both a club card and without it at the official sales offices Coral Club.
 Implements Ca-Mg complex Coral Club at the price specified in the price list, at the exchange rate in the national currency of each country.

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