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zrenie The program of restoration and preservation of health developed by the Academy of Health Coral Club International. Based on the book O.A. Butakova "Compendium of health programs."

 Nutritsiological and rehabilitation programs developed by doctors of various specialties and are based on the natural means of the highest quality. 


 Activin - 1 capsule 2 times a day, morning and afternoon during the meal. If a strong weakening of 1 capsule 3 times a den.Uluchshaet microcirculation, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, normalizes capillary permeability of the retina and is a powerful antioxidant.

 True Lecithin or Coral Lecithin - start taking 1 capsule per day meal time, gradually increasing the dose to 3 capsules. Restores the rate of passage of nerve impulses, as well as the myelin sheath of nerve conductors.

 Phycotene - 1 capsule 2 times a day, morning and afternoon before meals. Necessary natural source of carotenoids involved in converting light energy into the bioelectric energy. Also contributes to a better quality of twilight person.

 Eyebright - 1 tablet 1-2 times a day, dissolving in water. Drink as chay. Нas inflammatory effect and improves microcirculation retinal vessels and relieves inflammation, reduces the process of degeneration and retinal tissue degeneration, especially in the elderly.

 Coral Mine (Coral-Mine), Coral water, coral calcium - one bag to throw in a glass enclosed vessel with a capacity of 1.5 - 2 liters of drinking for 15-20 minutes before meals and 1 - 1.5 hours after eating. Drink during the day. You can drink capsules, tablets and powders. Aimed at maintaining optimal body water balance. Has improved biological properties (low surface tension, slightly alkaline pH levels, contains about 70 essential minerals, macro-and microelements in digestible form and optimal ratios, cleaned of chlorine and toxic substances), meets the needs of the body's cells. Water has an ordered structure of atoms becomes bioavailable digestible. 

 This prevention program will help to strengthen blood vessels eyes, relax your eye muscles and protects against the negative impact of the external environment.

 Vision - the feeling (sensory feeling), the ability to perceive light, color and spatial location of objects in an image (the image).

 In the human eye contains two categories of photosensitive elements - receptors: high-sensitive rods are responsible for low-light (night) vision, and less sensitive cones are responsible for color vision.

 Vision - is the greatest value to any of us. Vision gives us 80% of the information about the world. The ability to see, perhaps, the most important of all perceptions of the world.

    "Diet" for the eyes - or dietary advice.

  1. Significant place in a variety of methods for the prevention of vision problems, according to experts, should take - vitamins diet. The most important for vision is vitamin A. He is involved in the perception of light, that is, in its absence, the eye loses its ability to adapt to poor lighting and worse distinguish blue and yellow colors. Carrots, peas, melons, onions, cheese, liver, tomatoes, leafy vegetables or fish oil - are the main suppliers of vitamin A. Vitamin E - found in vegetables, legumes, vegetables. Vitamin C - a wild rose, currants, sauerkraut, citrus.
  2. Drink rosehips - the content of vitamin C, it is the absolute leader. Its daily use provides strength and elasticity of blood vessels. People suffering from myopia, useful hawthorn. It is rich in ascorbic acid and carotene.
  3. Cleanses the blood and entire body, strengthens the eyes beet.
  4. Eye patients worth once a year to drink cod liver oil, and twice a year - vitamin vitamin complexes, which combines a multivitamin with trace elements, especially calcium. Each meal should include fruits, vegetables, salads, juices.
  5. Eye diseases, eat food that is easily digested. Basis must be a natural food, not to be subjected to heat treatment. Vegetable products must be at least 60% of the daily diet.
  6. Eye condition, visual acuity is strongly dependent on the functioning of the intestines. Cerebral dysfunction for many has become a household. Food in the body is intoxicated digested and absorbed properly, affects the absorption of vitamins, particularly vitamins A and E. It degrades and overall health, and eye health.

 For cleaning the body twice a year rinse the intestine or spend cleaning program (Program 2 Colo-VadaPlus). This procedure will help to excrete the toxic products. Cleansing the body healthy and fortified food will enhance your health, help prevent myopia and other eye disease, stabilize visual acuity and will protect your eyes from the harmful influence of the computer, TV.

 Researchers have identified four basic rules under which your vision will remain normal.

 Tip number 1: Proper nutrition. Vision can be made good again, even if it has begun to lose its sharpness. Maybe it through proper nutrition. To do this, every day is recommended to eat 3-4 carrots, and drinking a liter of blueberry juice.

 Tip number 2: Improved circulation. For these purposes, scientists recommend doing five minute break between work. After continuous focus on a single point of eyestrain, which subsequently may lead to a decrease in the capacity of his focus.

 Tip number 3: Charging. Doctors have long proved useful for charging the eye when the eye is fixed on the distant turn, and then to approximate the subject. This kind of charge allows to develop the possibilities of focus, which improves and maintains its sharpness.

 Tip number 4: Strong healthy sleep. Nothing helps to restore vision as strong and healthy sleep. Before going to sleep scientists recommend necessarily eat carrots and drink a glass of blueberry juice .

   *Programs are not drugs and their therapeutic doses much lower.

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