glavnaia-cci  In 1997, began operations Coral Club International Company (Coral Club). From the following, 1998 Coral Club came to the market Wellness. And since 1999, the company collaborates with the American production company "RBC" (Royal Body Care). Products Coral Club (Coral Club) is available in most of the CIS countries, Europe and the United States.

 Coral Club International  introduced to our market a range of quality, high-performance, made with the latest technology products, such as: coral water - "Coral Mine", program 14 -day body cleansing - "Colo Vada Plus", a powerful antioxidants - "microhydrin", "H-500" and others. These products are aimed at the preservation and promotion of health.

 The concept of health, developed by Coral Club has four major steps aimed at creating an enabling environment for the whole of the human body - its motto: water, food, clean, protect. The basis of the philosophy of the club is the Coral restoration, strengthening and preservation of health.


 And therefore, the main direction in the Coral Club - is the protection, prevention, reduction and correction of health with the help of the latest health and well-written software systems. The use of these programs is designed to restore and support human health, which are designed by leading physicians of the Academy of Health Coral Club International. The immediate supervisor of the Academy of Health - Olga Butakova.

 All programs are designed not only to restore previously lost health, but also for the consolidation and maintenance of the existing one. There are all the necessary tools - natural and unique products! All products are designed to achieve the highest - positive results in the shortest time possible with minimal time and expense.

 Coral Club designed only unique and high-quality products that are partially and fully provide the daily biological deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals in good nutrition - for the health of the internal environment of the body.

 On our site you have the opportunity to gain access to the full catalog of products, which is provided by the Coral Club, to information on the company, its news, novelties, as well as get free advice from an independent distributor CCI, and buy your product.


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