Why drink Coral water?

Coral water - this is Living Water!


 If we are able to saturate the intercellular spaces and cell alive, healing, bio-available water, we can solve several vital issues.

 Aging. We all know that aging - is acidification of the body.

 Coral Calcium leads to alkalization, and alkalization to the physiological, safety, optimal.


 One of the causes of aging - loss of moisture. We did not die from disease. Body does not know the patients and healthy cells, he knows the young and old cells. Old cell - this is the cell that loses the extracellular and cellular moisture.

 To hold this moisture, we should give special biological properties of water. This is very important . We essentially wither. Amount of water that is in a newborn baby about 90 %. In old age, after 70 years - it is only 65 %. Huge reserves we are exactly in restoring and maintaining water balance. 

 As a result of the use of coral water, there have been positive changes in the body at all levels.
That is, if we allow the cell to get drunk, then it starts to work well. A cell is any body. These are the springs of water, which we are able to direct the internal organs, they cause cell rejuvenation of these bodies. They cause increased redox reactions. Cell does not have to spend extra energy to break the surface tension to overcome the positive redox potential to transfer it to negative values ​​. As a result, every organ, every system, every cell, every tissue site become better perform its functions.

 Accordingly, the well-being improved dramatically: are headaches, reduces swelling, improving performance of the kidneys, washed slags, toxins, poisons from the intestines, improves the function of the endocrine glands.

  One of the strengths of the endocrine glands are the thyroid and pituitary. They serve as pollution detectors body. It is important that the body is constantly under water stress, in order to pass it well electrolytic processes of interaction.

 It is very important to give our bodies the nutrients and all the nutrients that we know are dissolved in water.

 Bearers of these nutrients are the same minerals that are contained in the Coral Main.

пить-воду-2 There is another important issue where coral water can have amazing curative effect. This thickening of the blood. This condition, which is experienced by most people after 50-60 years. Agglutinated red blood cells that rouleaux overlap and as a result are not able to carry oxygen, leading to thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, to eating disorders, ischemic organs. 

 There is an opinion that can thin the blood aspirin. Yes, probably, but the blood is necessary primarily to thin the water! Person should consume at least 1-1.5 liters of water a day, and in the summer - this is 2-2.5 liters.

 This person should definitely get water clean, low surface tension, easily accessible, biologically assimilable, negatively charged and slightly alkaline.

 When a person begins to use this water, it has positive changes occurred with health, which can be seen with the naked eye. Man begins to look younger. Delayed signs of aging. Thins the blood. Improves microcirculation in the brain, liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc.

 Coral Calcium Coral-Mine is one of the most useful products and the safest. This is not a product of human thought, not synthetic, it is a pure, natural product that nature came up.

 We often say that we should save nature. Thus nature tells us what should be the water, because in fact, the water - is a strategic asset of the state. Freshwater reserves only 1% in the world's oceans and the one who is able to drink clean water, that will primarily be able to live long.

Another issue where Coral Calcium is purged choice number one - is the disease of the joints and spine.
We often say "we creaks spine", "we laid salt", "we have irregularly shaped nails", "we hurt the small joints." All this depends on the quality of the intracellular fluid. Note - liquid. This fluid must be clean , alkaline . And Coral water can turn this into such a liquid . Oschelachivaya and changing the biochemical composition of tissues in general, it affects the quality of synovial fluid .

It has been observed that the inhabitants of the island of Okinawa , where it grows Sango coral , do not suffer from diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and other serious diseases of the joints . Musculoskeletal system - this is one of the systems where the fastest you can see shifts in a positive way , taking water from the Coral Main.
Very good results were obtained using the Coral water in people with diabetes.

Diabetics have observed severe metabolic disturbances and, as a consequence, the acidification of the body and a violation of vascular microcirculation. The most terrible and the most serious complication of diabetes - this retinopathy and neuropathy - vascular and nerve damage. Acting on the body as a whole by means of coral calcium can significantly reduce the occurrence of serious complications of diabetes.

There are many aspects in which useful Coral water. This children's diathesis is a condition of swelling, such as in people with cardiovascular failure, and it all kidney disease, this skin disease. Leather - is the excretory system and everything that we see on the skin - a state of the internal environment.

Coral Mine is easy to use. Absolutely safe, available for almost everyone. Extremely efficient.

Stories about the results of the Coral Calcium Coral Mine sometimes impossible to listen to without tears. This whole life drama that ended positively. This is a lot of positive information on the accumulated results of the use of coral calcium.

Coral Main / Coral-Mine - a great product, improving water quality, and water - that's life!

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