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Device for installation in a standard pump-pump for plastic bottles at 11 and 19 liters.

The device is a magnetized in a magnetic field of the earth sealed hollow steel cylinder with attached at the edges of vortex generators. For processing device should be installed "Vitapamp" in a standard pump-nozzle pump. The arrow on the body of the device should be directed towards the water flow.

 mode of application
    Device 'Vitapamp " Coral Club is supplied to the consumer in ready to use form and should be set so that a radius of 1.5 m from the devices are not radiating direct or alternating electromagnetic field (pumps, motors, high voltage cables, etc.).
The operating mode of temperatures from +1 ° C to +95 ° C.
Contraindications, limitations. Avoid exposure to low temperatures, below +1 ° C
For more information. The apparatus and materials used in the construction of Sanitary Inspection Russian authorities permitted for use in drinking water supply.
(BMS number 50.RA.02.369.P.000272.11.08 from 13.11.2008g.)
Note. Warranty period - 3 years. Lifetime device - 10 years.
Principle of operation. To implement the processing device should be installed "Vitapamp" in the standard pump nozzle for 11-and 19-liter polypropylene bottles for drinking water. The arrow on the body of the device should be directed towards the water flow. Processing of water occurs when the water washes device "Vitapamp".

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