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ORP-meter ORP-meter
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ORP-meter ORP-meter Device for measuring the redox potential of the liquid.

ORP-200 from the company Coral Club is a device used for measuring the Oxidation-Reduction Potential of liquids: water and diluted aqueous solutions of salts, acids and alkalies.

 Oxidation-reduction reactions are the main processes which provide vital measurement activity of liquids. The energy released during these reactions is used to maintain homeostasis, a relative dynamic constancy of composition and properties of the internal environment, and regeneration of body cells. During these reactions, the electrical potential of a substance is changed: one substance gives up its electrons and is oxidized acquiring a positive charge, the other one accepts electrons and is restored, after being negatively charged. Electrical potential difference between them is the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

 ORP, also known as redox potential, characterizes the activity level of electrons in oxidation-reduction reactions. Oxygen has the highest oxidizing capacity, hydrogen -- the highest reducing capacity.

 ORP of natural water ranges from -400 to +700 mV (millivolt), which is determined by the total combination of oxidizing and reducing processes. ORP of drinking water is always more than zero for nearly all types of such water, typically ranging from +100 to +400 mV.

 ORP of the internal environment of a normal human body is always less than zero, i.e. it has negative values, usually ranging from -100 to -200 mV. Differences in ORP of the internal environment of a human body and drinking water mean that the activity of electrons in the internal environment of a human body is much higher than the activity of electrons in drinking water.

 If ORP of a liquid entering the body is close to the value of ORP of the internal environment of a human, the electric energy of cellular membranes (vital energy of the body) is not spent on the correction of electron activity in such liquid, being immediately absorbed as it has biocompatibility as per this parameter. If the incoming liquid has a more negative ORP value than ORP of the internal environment, it feeds the body with this energy, which is used by cells as energy reserve for antioxidant defense of the body against the adverse effects of the environment.


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