Neitronic MG-03

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Neitronic MG-03
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Neitronic MG-03 Neitronic MG-03 Neitronic MG-03
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Neitronic MG-03 Neitronic MG-03 Neitronic MG-03 Protection from the emissions of mobile phones, portable radios, and microwave ovens.

Neitronic from the company Coral Club is a device used for personal protection from electromagnetic radiation. It is intended for use with personal computers, televisions, radios, mobile phones, microwave ovens, monitors with LCD, and plasma screens.

Neitronic has a special antenna the size which is 30x30x0.6 mm. The crystal lattice of the antenna has the property of the crystal: to absorb and convert the electromagnetic energy. The antenna is stimulated by the emitter and creates its own field which, interacting with the emitter's field, converts the emission spectrum into a form that is safe for humans.

The device reduces electromagnetic load on the human body to a safe level. In the first hours after installation it reduces the electromagnetic field by about 2 times (by distance from the monitor) or by 4 times (by area).


Neitronic MG-03 is designed to protect users of mobile and cellphones, portable radios and microwave ovens from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

The device neutralizes the part of the modulated spectrum of technogenic radiation from the devices, which has high penetrating capacity and adversely affects the intracellular metabolism in the human body. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Neitronic has high protective properties: it reduces harmful effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body by 3-5 times. Its main advantage compared to similar devices is that it only works when a device is switched on and only affects the electromagnetic field stimulated by the emitting device.

Neitronic is stimulated by the field of the emitter and creates its own field in a direction corresponding to the location of lines printed on it. The interaction of two fields allows it to convert the signal of the emitter, making it safe for humans. It does not deteriorate the image quality on the monitor, and it does not diminish the range of coverage of mobile communication devices.

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