Alive Liquid Laundry Detergent (946 ml)

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Alive Liquid Laundry Detergent (946 ml)
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logo Alive Liquid detergent (946 ml) - Liquid detergent for machine and hand washing, acts effectively at any temperature and water hardness, suitable for any type and color of fabric except silk and wool, economical in use (30 ml per 1 wash).

    Composition: 946 ml.

point 1Does not destroy the structure of tissues (both natural and synthetic)
point 2Retains the original bright color fabrics
point 3Is active in all temperatures and water hardness
point 4Suitable for hand and machine wash
point 5Versatile tool for the whole family

Ingredients: water, 15-30% anionic and nonionic <5% surfactant resorbent (CMC) <3%, enzymes (alpha-amylase, protease, lipase) <2% Sodium hydroxide <1.4% defoamer <0 6%, preservative <1%.

Not comprising: phosphates, phosphonates, perfumes, optical brighteners, bleach, dyes.
Scope. Clothing and textiles: cotton, synthetic and blended fabrics, whites and coloreds.
Kinds of pollution. Fresh stains from oil, grease, sweat, dirt, grass, coffee, tea, vegetables, fruits, etc.
Type of tissue. Any kinds of fabrics, except silk and wool.
Concentration. One vial of liquid assets = 32 standard washing machine.

Manufacturer: Coral Club International

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